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School Lunch in Japan - It's Not Just About Eating!
It's Everybody's Ocean (Trailer)
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Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi


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April 13, 2020

Fox4News Kansas City

An interview on the opening day of the Kansas City Film Festival about Microplastic Madness. Atsuko explained how this pandemic relates to the plastic pollution issue on public health, especially for underserved communities.

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November 14, 2019

婦人の友 11月号


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June, 2020

Podcast - Be The Change

Giving Kids a Seat at the Plastic Free Table #BetheChange with Christine Dimmick  

Debby Lee and I were invited to speak about Microplastic Madness and how youth activism could look like in this challenging time.


Documentary Filmmaker,
Environmental Activist,
Media Director, Cafeteria Culture
Co-Direcotr/Producer, Microplastic Madness 

ATSUKO is a 21st generation Samurai family member from northern Japan, living in New York City. She directed and produced “It’s Everybody’s Ocean,” a film about marine debris that won the best documentary short at NYC International Film Festival in 2014, two awards at other festivals, and has been shown in ten cities all over the world. “School Lunch in Japan - It’s not just about eating" (2010), her short documentary, has over 28 million views on YouTube! The movie conveys the importance of quality school mealtime and has inspired international audiences of students, educators, and school food leaders. Atsuko teaches videography, production, storytelling and leadership to underserved New York City youth through Cafeteria Culture’s school programs.



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A fifth grader giving away reusable bags
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Atsuko with a 2nd grade cafeteria ranger
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Teaching filming to fifth graders
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A lesson about lifecycle of plastic
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Filming a youth rally to ban styrofoam
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Speaking at a plastic free event
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A science lesson with fifth graders
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Garbology 101 lesson with kindergarteners
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Kindergarten cafeteria rangers
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